HomeFront has all the Rehearsal equipment to accommodate your band’s jam session. Just show up with your guitars and drum sticks and you’ll be ready to go!

Our rehearsal gear consists of:

  • Fender Blues Jr.
  • Traynor (Tube amp)
  • Line6 combo with foot-pedal (Digital amp)
  • B52 1/2 stack with foot-pedal (Solid-state amp)
  • 15″ Hartke combo (bass amp)
  • Yamaha EMX 512sc 8-channel PA, 2 15″ S115v speakers, 2 12″ BR12m monitors
  • 8 dynamic microphones, including SM57’s, SM58’s and more
  • Full drum set with 16″ Paiste crash, 17″ Zildjian crash, Sabien ride, and Sabien high-hats.
  • Yahmaha keyboard with 2-channel keyboard amp
  • 2 LP congas


*Bands are always welcome to bring their own gear as well!