Here at HomeFront Studios, we strive to make your recording or rehearsal session a great one. Some of our past clients have been generous enough to say a few words about their time here. Please don’t hesitate to contact anyone listed below!

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“This is a great place, my home away from home. Part of the reason I think I took forever is because I like coming here so much. Just a relaxing atmosphere where Matt always tries hard to get the best sound & just what you are looking for. So congrats to you my brother, ( and me ) and may you, your family, your band, and the Studio be well & do well for a long long time.”

-NoName James ([email protected]) 

“Homefront is not only a great bang for your buck with great-sounding rooms and knowledgable engineers, but a warm and creative environment to work in. Matt Ryan and crew have done well by us since we started recording there nearly a decade ago.”

-Alex Tea – Kiwi

website: Kiwi Roots Music

“I am an acoustic singer/songwriter, and was looking for a cozy (but well-equipped) studio near me in Essex County to record about a dozen songs solo, live to tape. I found HomeFront studios in an internet search, so I didn’t know what to expect when I walked in to the studio this spring. Not only does HomeFront have absolutely first-rate mics, but it comes with Matt Ryan as your engineer. As any experienced musician knows, regardless how high quality the equipment is, you’re always at the mercy of the engineer’s skills. I cannot testify any more strongly to Matt’s skills as an engineer AND a studio owner. He made me feel right at home the moment I walked thru the door. Within 30 minutes, I was mic’d up and began recording. Matt has great ears, and you needn’t give him much direction at all – he has all the instincts a good musician could ever ask for in an engineer. My other option was to record myself at home on my personal pro-tools software. But the luxury of having an exceptional engineer do all the engineering work while I got to just focus on playing and singing… well I don’t need to tell you that it’s far more fun not having to do the engineering yourself. AND to do it in a small, cozy recording studio… that’s exactly what I was looking for. Highly recommend HomeFront Studios.”

email: [email protected]

“Most artistically comfortable recording experience of my whole career”

-Jason Gleason (Old Wives)

email: [email protected]

“Homefront is a refreshing rarity in the north Jersey rehearsal/recording studio market. Unlike other nearby locations which are cold and industrial feeling (regarding facilities and staff), Homefront offers an organic and comfortable environment at the most competitive price.”

-Robbie LaFalce (Stephanie White & the Philth Harmonic)

email: [email protected]

“We have nothing but praises for Matt Ryan and Homefront Studio. Matt brings such positivity to sessions and allows musicians to totally relax and do their thing. Great value, great sound, great vibes …. Homefront has become our recording home, and we’d recommend it to every band we come across.”

-Catherine & Bernadette (Bern & the Brights)

email: [email protected]