Here’s a clip from Flight light’s recording session featuring Tommy Riley on drums.

The W.S. Walcott Medicine Show @ HomeFront Studios

W.S. Walcott Medicine Show (The Band) – Performed by The Defending Champions. Recorded filmed and mixed @ HomeFront Studios. Video editing done by Jeff Fernandes.

Here is a short clip of the live room.  All the gear you see is available for your rehearsals but feel free to bring your own gear if you prefer!

Here’s a short clip of Bern & The Brights recording guitars for their new tune “Redwood”.

Bern & The Brights recording guitar and vocals for “Pines”.

The Defending Champions working on their new HomeFront recordings, Deano is recording some new guitar tracks in the first video and the 2nd video is some footage from the rhythm section live recording session.

This video is of Ramsey Norman laying down some drums for Tip Canary.

This video is a shot of Mike Ferrara recording some pedal steel for Tip Canary’s new album at HomeFront.